“He is like my brother “says milky beauty


tamanna-bhatia-22-vIf you are a celebrity, that too a film personality..then you shoulb ready to face rumours and linkups,which are quite common in the film world. Stars are always linked with director and producers, whether they like it or not. Sometimes things turn out to be true but most of the time, they are simply baseless gossips.

Now Tamanna is one of the most beautiful actresses in the country. Naturally, people tend to link her up with someone or the other when that kind of glamour is present. Bollywood circles were buzzing with reports about a relationship with director Sajid Khan and the two of them were spotted together often.

But now Tamanna shocked everyone by saying that Sajid is like a brother. Sajid Khan has not responded to this statement so far. Tamanna’s Hum Shakals is getting ready for a release soon and she has ‘Aagadu’ in Telugu right now.

Well earlier, Sharukh Khan has also said that Kajol is like my sister and in Tollywood it was Nagarjuna who said Soundarya is like my sister. Well guys, what’s happening to you all? Having fun on and off screen to the core and fooling around the fans?Shame isn’t it?


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