Lawrence to make a big experiment


Raghava LawrenceNoted dance master-actor and director Lawrence Raghava is a passionate worker and always tries innovative ideas in his works. At present, Lawrence is currently busy with Muni 3 is going to make a crazy venture as his next. We usually get to see one film on one ticket. But here he goes, Lawrence is trying to make an experiment of showing tow films one one ticket. Yes,you read it right. His next crazy project title is “Oke ticket pai rendu cinemalu”. He is combining two films into one and will release it as one feature film. Audience will have to pay for one film and get to see two movies.

How good was that? It is learnt that, Both these films will have run-time of 1 hour 20 minutes and Lawrence will play lead roles in both the movies. One of the films is titled Musalodu and the other one is called The Latest. Andrea is playing female lead in Musalodu and Lakshmi Rai will do the heroine role in ‘The Latest’.

Lawrence is making this dual-film in Telugu and Tamil. Musalodu is an action film with a message and The Latest is a complete entertainer. Lawrence is literally making ‘Oke Ticket Pai Rendu Cinemalu’ concept true with this experiment. Meanwhile his Muni 3, titled Ganga will be ready for release by this December.

So, like with his stunning dance moves, is Lawrence again getting ready to create sensation with his unique idea of merging two films to one? Let’s see.


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