At last famours TV star arrested


Famous-TV-artist-in-Police-custody-107TV Artist Vijaya Rani who is known for her role in Mogalirekulu television serial has escaped a month back after duping other junior artists for up to 7-10 Crores. Vijaya Rani used to run chits and finance business successfully from several years and after gaining faith of customers the lady has shocked her colleagues by escaping with huge chunk of money

After a long search by police teams she was finally caught in Bangalore. The police, tracing her mobile signals, found out that she was staying in Bangalore. They also arrested ten others including all her family members. The police also seized two houses and a car registered in the name of Vijaya Rani.

From last one month four teams have been dispatched to nab Rani. On March 10, the artist vacated her house in Yellareddyguda, Hyderabad and moved her entire luggage in a lorry. Reportedly she approached a transport company to help her with the moving.

Following a clue from a transportation company, the police traced her journey to Bangalore.

Cases have also been registered against her sister, B. Suda Rani, son Saran and other artistes like Chitanya and Srinivas, Haribabu and Revathi, police said.


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