Lakshmi to reveal her baby pics soon


Manchu LakshmiMotherhood is such a blessing for any girl for sure. Even though it is through surrogacy, Lakshmi Manchu and her husband have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl recently and are enjoying parental-hood to the core. Ever since the baby is born, everyone has been curious to get a glimpse of the baby girl.

Lakshmi Manchu has promised to reveal the baby’s name and show a few pictures of the young one over the weekend. “Alright alright… Going to reveal my goddesses name and picture this weekend. Watch this space :). Keep ur blessings ready”
Lakshmi is currently experiencing the pleasures of brining up a baby and she is not accepting any new projects as of now. She will only take up further assignments after a few months, once the baby is a few months old.

So all Manchu fans, be ready to have a lookt at the baby’s pics. Lakshmi manchu might disclose the details at any time.


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