Kushboo says yes to Kamal and No to Rajani?


KushbooThis could be a shocker to all the super-star Rajanikanth’s fans,but yes..that is what yester years dream girl of youth has chosen. This beautiful and charming Heroine opted to share the screen space with Kamal ,ruling out the chances of doing the same with Rajanikanth. There could be some hundreds of reasons,but this decision has certainly left all Rajani fans in shock and everyone is so eager to know the reasons behind she saying it.

Kushboo is known for her outspoken nature,due to which she took some potshots from many people earlier. Earlier she raised a controversy for running her mouth over pre-marital sex topic and now she again shocked everyone with her comments.

Interacting with fans for a quick Q&A, Kushboo stated that she will not be ready to work with Superstar Rajnikanth at the moment though she starred with him in the past in blockbusters like Annamalai and Mannan. Quickly reacting, she stated that Kamal Haasan is someone she would ready to jump in to share screen provided with the opportunity. We wonder if there is any reason behind her conclusion.


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