Kottha Janta Review: New wine in a old bottle


Cast: Allu Sirish, Regina Cassandra, Sapthagiri, Posani
Music: Jeevan Babu
Producers: Allu Arvind & Bunny Vasu
Story-Dialogue-Screenplay-Direction: Maruthi

Basic Plot:

Allu Sirish plays a selfish guy. fo whom money is life. He is a person who doesn’t do anything without any benefits. Regina is a like minded girl when it comes to selfishness. In order to grow in career, Sirish plays a love game with Regina. But Regina leaves her selfishness aside to love him sincerely. Rest of the film deals with sensitive and selfish issues in their relationship.


Compared to his debut film “Gauravam”, Allu Sirish has improved a lot . He has shown some ease in dances and action sequences. It would have been much better , had he concentrated on expressions and his diction. Regina is cute and was an apt fit in the role of a selfish girl. In few scenes she looked like Ileana to one’s surprise. Sapthagiri once again entertains as hero’s friend. Posani Krishnamurali is routine. Sai Kumar Pampana is not utilized up to his potential.

Technical Aspects:

One thing that deserves a special mention in “Kotha Janta” is its cinematography ,which is good and music interms of BGM is also good . Editing could have been much better. And when it comes to direction, Maruthi seems to have lost his grip in comedy, which is not necessary to talk about. Even his screenplay and taking is also not worth to discuss either.


No wonder if ‘Kotha Janta’ resembles Sukumar’s “100 % love” through out the film. Because, the earlier movie is dealt with the ego clashes between the lead pair, and the later deals with selfishness. Maruthi has taken a realistic issue and coated it with entertainment in his previous films. Now he comes up with another realistic issue in current generation relationships but fails to narrate it in an entertaining way. Maruthi wanted to convey that every modern day relationship is filled with selfishness. Young men look for rich girls to marry and women need well settled guys for marriage. He has taken a boy and a girl with these kind of attitudes, and preached that selfishness is not good in relationships. Good message! But half of the audience have walked out by the time this message is conveyed during climax. Maruthi always depends on content but not on actors. In his previous films, almost every actor has got important role to play.

But Maruthi has concentrated more on Sirish and Regina and neglected the supporting characters. So ‘Kotha Janta’ has ended up as a below average flick in terms of content. Sai Kumar Pampana was like a backbone to ‘Bus Stop’. I wonder why Maruthi didn’t utilize his potential to the fullest in ‘Kotha Janta’. Like lead characters in the film, if Maruthi were selfish enough to deliver a good flick and producer were selfish enough to make a profitable product, ‘Kotha Janta’ would have been a different case. However, ‘Kotha Janta’ has few scenes which makes you laugh out loud. Sapthagiri’s performance in a reality show, Posani’s SVSC spoof scene in the park and a spoof on Omkar and Shiva Shankar are fully entertaining. Allu Sirish’s confrontation with his mother during climax is good. Except these four scenes, ‘Kotha Janta’ is routine and boring.


“Kotha Janta” is a kind of new wine in old bottle which is obviously difficult to be sold because all that needs is a new wine in new bottle. Which means, new genre stories with new style of story telling. But still, “Kotha Janta” might catch the attention of mass audiences due to the hold that Maruthi got in them. One can bear this couple for once. Guyz, watch it for Regina, she is worth watching for a coupld of hours in different shades. Girls, Watch it for Allu Sirish’s peppy steps and manly fights. And the rest all audiences of different age groups, can watch for some good music and comedy scenes and subtle sentimental episodes.


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