Kona – Vytla re-union on cards?


Srinu Vaitla, Gopi Mohan at Badshah Audio Launch PhotosWell, this is the buzz being raised everywhere in filmnagar at present. Well, no one can deny this as every one knows that anything can happen in film industry. Because, the bottom line of film industry is “No permanent friendships and no permanent enemies will be there here”. On that base, we can expect this re-union might come true soon,or may not be too. But let us see if there is any possibility for both Kona and Srinu’s re-union?

As per some confidential details,Mega camp wants Sreenu Vytla to come up with a fresh commercial entertainer without the influence of a Dookudu or Aagadu. Ram Charan is keen to work with the director if he leaves the whole of ‘Dhee’ format alone and reunites with Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan to bring back that magic, says a source.

But this pressure would definitely suffocate Sreenu Vytla,and he might not come forward to join his hands with Kona ever again. In this ego driven industry, two people would not get together once their ego is damaged. Srinu Vaitla has nothing to lose if he reunites with Kona now being liberal in title credits issue,as he has his own style of impressive film making abilities. Mega camp is actually wanting that extra pep which Kona provides to the subject through his writing,and also to repeat the magic of Srinu and Kona’s combination.

But taking the present situation into consideration, Kona is planning to make his directional debut and on the other side Gopi Mohan is also in the same trials ,who soon might direct Sunil. By all these equations, Srinu Vytla-Kona Venkat’s re-union would remain as a dream to all of their fans for some time at least.


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