Kidnap threat for a top music director?


Harris_JayarajOne can understand how badly movies’s impact works on few people. Sad part is, this happened to a top movie celebrity,One of the most happening music directors of south , Harris Jayaraj. Chennai cops on Monday arrested three persons based on the complaint filed by music composer Harris Jayaraj’s wife Suma. According to police, Harris Jayaraj’s wife received calls on Sunday and Monday demanding 20 lakhs, if she failed to give the amount they threatened to kidnap her husband Harris Jayaraj. Based on a complaint, the police set up a team and contacted the callers with promise of the money.

The police team spoke with the kidnappers in disguise and agreed to pay them 20 lakhs and asked them to come to a place. Believing it, the callers came to collect the money and police arrested them. One of them was identified as Thirumalai, driver of Harris Jayraj’s father and the other two were identified as Arunachala Pandian and Muthukrishnan. Investigations revealed that Thirumalai was the alleged brain behind the conspiracy who took the help of his friends to threaten the music director’s family.

The accused men are expected to be produced at a city court on Tuesday afternoon and will be remanded to judicial custody and sent to prison. Harris composed many super hit albums across south.In Telugu he was well recognized for his works with Gharshna,Orange,Munna..etc.

All the music lovers and Harris Jayraj’s fans felt relieved from the tension and feel happy for the issue being closed before some bad happened. Be careful Harris.


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