“Kick-2” likely to be delayed to kick off


ravi-teja-powerAfter so many specualtions here comes the news finally. Earlier we learnt that, hero Kalyan Ram would be producing raivteja’s “Kick-2″ but some how it never shaped up. But now as per our sources we learnt that, ” kick – 2″ might get delayed for quite a while now. Because, Ravi teja is currently involved in ‘Power’ while Surender Reddy is planning for a romantic film with new comers. Mean while, Kalyan Ram will be working on a movie with Mallikarjun of ‘Kaththi’ fame. Komaram Venkatesh will be producing this film.It is reportedly said to be postponed till these three projects get completed. So , thats the news folks, though this a bad news for all Raviteja’s fans, you got to wait a bit longer…


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