Kannada superstar in Bunny’s next?


UpendraWe all know that the super hit combination of ace director Trivikram Srinivas and stylish hero Allu Arjun is being repeated. We have seen a block buster “Julaayi” in theri combination earlier. And as per the latest buzz, it is learnt that Kannada Superstar Upendra has been roped in for their next flick. Apart from Bunny-Trivikram’s combination, it is the star cast of the film which is creating curiosity among filmy buffs .

Latest reports from very close sources indicate that the Julayi combination is all set to roll their movie from September 22, which is coming Monday. Also the finalized cast includes Samantha and Adah Sharma as heroines, while Kannada Superstar Upendra will be playing crucial role in the movie. We’ve to get clarity whether Jagapathi Babu is also enacting a role in the movie or he is replaced by Uppi. Also married beauty Sneha will be seen in yet another interesting role in the movie as a character artist.

Earlier the names of Upendra and Arjun are considered for a key role, but both are dropped out due to date availability issues. But now the Kannada superstar has given nod to adjust dates for Bunny it seems. Official announcement about this flick is going to be out tomorrow.


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