Kamal copying "Magadheera"?


kamal haasan_0We all have witnessed what kind of a wave that Rajamouli has created in Tollywood in the form of “Magadheera”. That one flick has changed the entire career graph of Mega power star Ram Charan Tej.

Looks like even universal hero Kamal Haasan too got infatuated by Ram Charan and Rajamouli’s magnum opus. His upcoming movie ‘Uttama Villain’ is all about a two persons, played by Kamal, one in a past life ane one in present life. In the previous birth, the lead character happens to be a theatre artist of 9th century and he happens to be a superstar actor in the present birth.

The connection between these two births is all the story is about. Magadheera has dealt with love and revenge in the age of kings and in concrete jungles. Had Kamal too jotted pen on similar lines? Uttama Villain is written by Kamal himself while his colleague and friend Ramesh Aravind is wielding the mega phone.

Can we really call it as Copying? That too an artist like Kamal Hasan? Certainly not..as it was just shared in a lighter vein. Just realx and wait for the visual wonder of “Uttama Villian” folks.


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