Jr.Brahmi @ Ameerpet


sapthagiri-exclusive-interview-ntvOnce he wanted to become a director and worked as an assistant director under talented director Bommarillu Bhasker too. But fate has decided something else,as he had to do a small but appealing character with only one dialogue “Sir..ippudu mana position enti?” in “Parugu” movie. Since then, he didn’t have to look back, and now he has become a jr. Brahmanandam for small films.

On the other hand, Saptagiri stays in the popular locality beside Sarathi Studios in Ameerpet, Hyderabad. Every day evening he has this habit of visiting the only Cafe Comedy outlet situated in that area. After the super success of his roles in movies like Prema Katha Chitram, he became a popular name and face among audiences. Those who are visiting the cafe at a time when Saptagiri is present are feasting a lot now.

More than sipping a coffee, everyday he poses with almost 10-15 members for selfies, and then discusses with them about his future projects too. After knowing about Saptagiri’s availability at that coffee day, many are flocking in everyday to get a glimpse of him at least.


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