Screen Name :Jayalalitha
Original Name : CH.Jayalalitha
Phone :
Cell : 9849166906
Email : chjailalitha@gmail.com
Address : 8-1-301/86,2nd Floor,Plotno-201,Sai priya Residency,Lakshmi Nagar Colony,Shekpet,Hyderabad-500008


Number of films : Above 350

Prominent films : Srutilayalu,Indrudu Chandrudu,April 1st vidudala,Encounter,Appula Apparao.

Other language films : Tamil,Kannada,Malayalam,Hindi,English

Awards : So many local awards & Nandi award for Grahanam

Stage experience : As a Classical Dancer I gavr 1000 performences in all over india & abroad also

First film

Year : 1984

Film : Satyagraham

Director : jandhyala

Producer : Challa Ramakrishna Reddy

Charector : Second Heroine


College : B.A Economics

Primary : Classical Dancer-Kuchipudi,Bharatnatyam,Andhra Natyam


Mother tongue : Telugu

Other languages : Tamil,Hindi,Malayalam,Kannada,English

Personal info

Original name : CH.Jayalalitha

screen name : Jayalalitha

Place of birth : Gudivada

Father's name : Seelanand

Mother's name : Suseela Devi

Contact Details

Cellphone: : 9849166906

e-mail : chjailalitha@gmail.com

Address : 8-1-301/86,2nd Floor,Plotno-201,Sai priya Residency,Lakshmi Nagar Colony,Shekpet,Hyderabad-500008

State : A.P

Other info

Memorable events : To act good characters only few memorable events

Other activities : Classical dancer in Kuchipudi,Bharatanatyam,Andhranatyam

Hobbies : Dance,Music,Acting


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u r very good acteress.i very much like u


Hi Madam,
I tried to contact you through your mail : chjailalitha@gmail.com. But it is not working. Please update with correct mail ID.

Take care..


Hi! Dear Challa.Jayalalitha Garu, I tried to contact your cell number. but it is not findout. I will not missed your pictures,and I like your all movies and collect all movie CD’s. If ur permission I will meet you and talk to you in personally. I am a Lawyer in Nampalli Court. Please give to your cell number in mail. Thank you Madem.


Hello Jaya aunty,

I watched all your movies. But I liked most in sorry aunty movie.

You are acting in aparanji serial also.

I want to talk to you and like ur ass a lot.

In saree u like like goddess.


Ilike your all movies.But only a few I could see.The other old movies too.


Ilike your all movies not only classic but also glamour.More new movies of past are to be seen.

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