Interesting comments made by Prakash Raj again


prakash-rajNo, it isn’t taking this versatile actor into any controversy but, his latest comments on cinema has made everyone open their mouths in wonder. Want to know what he said? Here is the story read on.
“Movies are just 5 % of my life” is the latest statement given by Prakash Raj at a private function. What else we can say now? Can you ever imagine an actor like Prakash Raj saying so? A person who has been shot to stardom with his outstanding performances through films since two decades almost. Can you expect a person like Prakash Raj saying so, who has got huge fan following across the country and who has got all this name, fame and wealth only because of Movies?
“Cinema is only 5% of my life. It is a profession I like and it is the language I speak”, he was quoted as saying. The actor reportedly likes to spend the rest of his time with family, farming, cooking and reading.
Speaking of cooking, this is one activity that Prakash Raj greatly cherishes and it has prompted him to make the film ‘Ulavacharu Biryani’, which is getting ready for a release very soon. The film is a remake of the Malayalam film ‘Salt and Pepper’.
Well, everyone started talking about Prakash Raj’s comments like, why did all the film industries have encouraged an actor who is committed just 5% towards his job, while there are thousands of actors looking for a break and can put their 100% in movies.
Can anyone ans this question folks? Prakash Raj, can you at least??


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