Income Tax people called "Aagadu" team


Aagadu_movie_wallpapers (9)This has become a regular practice to IT (Income tax) department to raid on big production houses just before the movie release. Earlier they have raid on Dil Raju, Bandla Ganesh. and also 14 Reels entertainment offices. Keeping “Aagadu” release just few days away, IT department has called up 14 reels entertainment office. Any raid being planned soon?

Surprisingly the answer is a big NO. Buzz is that few officials have called the account department of 14 Reels Entertainment reportedly for the movie tickets of Aagadu which is due for release on September 19. “Initially, 14 Reels crew were worried when they got call from IT Department. As soon as they realized that it was meant for tickets, they got a huge sigh of relief,” shared a source in the know.

It’s common for IT Department officials to raid big-budget movie production houses ahead of their release. In the past they have raided producers Dil Raju, Bandla Ganesh and 14 Reels too. With the latest incident, it’s clear that the tickets craze for Mahesh Babu’s Aagadu has hit new high as none other than IT (Income Tax) sleuths also craving for movie tickets. That’s the inside story folks.


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