"Ice Cream" girl celebrates her birthday


Ice Cream Movie Trailer Launch (33)Tejaswi, girl who shot to fame once she signed Ram Gopa Varma’s latest directorial “Ice Cream”.
Especially few days back she was put in news by RGV stating that she went all nude for a scene in the movie. Hence she had to face lot of troubles and concern by her parents, relatives and friend. Realizing the damage that was done by RGV,she immediately had to give a clarification that she did not go nude at all.

“I didn’t stop working since past 48 hours ,I be traveled so much in two days and worked so much that I don’t know why it is my birthday and how ,so all I wanna say is its you all and you wishes and love which got me here so keep giving and I’ll give back in smiles ”

How sincere you are dear.. working so hard on your birthday too? one should really appreciate your commitment towards your work. By the way, are you gonna taste “ice cream” today or not?


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