Hrudaya Kaleyam Review: Makes us laugh


Cast: Sampoornesh Babu, Kavya Kumar, Ishika Singh
Music: RK
Story-Screenpley-Producer-Direction: Steven Shankar aka Sai Rajesh
Censor Certificate: U
Run Time: 128 minutes
Release Date: 04 April, 2014

Hrudaya Kaleyam is a parody on illogical film making by so-called commercial directors and star heroes. It is produced and directed by Sai Rajesh. Sampoornesh Babu has made his debut with this experimental comedy.

Story Plot:

Sampoornesh Babu is a thief, expertised in stealing electric goods. He is a challenge for Hyderabad city police. The police catch him to realize that Sampoo is on a mission. What is Sampoo’s mission (which has no logic) and how he achieves his goal forms rest of the story.


Acting talent is not at all required for films like Hrudaya Kaleyam. The motto is to make you laugh with some serious action. Sampoornesh has done exactly what is required. Hrudaya Kaleyam is Sampoo’s one-man-show. He is odd and imperfect but totally entertaining. Kavya Kumar and Ishika Singh are neither glamorous nor performers. The guy who did the role of Sampoo’s right hand is seriously funny in hero elevation scenes.

Technical Aspects:

Budget of Hrudaya Kaleyam is around 90 lakhs. But it is no less than a star hero’s big budget film in terms of technical standards. Lack of foreign locations is the only difference. BGM is good with ‘jai jai sampoo’ theme. Cinematography is neat. As Hrudaya Kaleyam is a parody on illogical action, out-of-the-top stunts have made justice to the film. Editing is okay.

Sai Rajesh’s story offers nothing new. But his experiemental screenplay changed the drama genre storyline into a comedy film. His direction is okay. His dialogues are the major highlight. Though he wrote great philosophical dialogues, we will have to laugh when Sampoo delivers them.


Many of us have mistaken the hype around Sampoornesh Babu as promotion of a star. But it was a promotion of concept of Hrudaya Kaleyam. The perception of audience towards Hrudaya Kaleyam would have been totally different if Sampoo was introduced as every other budding actor.

The beauty of Hrudaya Kaleyam is it makes us laugh irrespective of mood of the situation. We laugh when Sampoo delivers a punch dialogue to warn his opponents. We laugh when he is heart broken due to love failure. We laugh when he dance and we laugh when he breaks the bone of baddies. We laugh even when he lies lifeless on a stretcher.

A serious scene in which heroine is impressed with Sampoo’s knowledge.
Heroine: nenu B.Tech chadivanu, ayina naaku ee vishayam teliyadu. meeru M.Tech chadivara?
Sampoo: Kadhu
Heroine: B.Sc. Agriculture chadivara?
Sampoo: Kadhu
Heroine: Mari em chadivaru?
Sampoo: Jeevitham chadivanu
And the entire auditorium comes down with laughter. Hrudaya Kaleyam is full of these kind of scenes.

On the flip side, people who are unaware of Sampoo mania may not understand its concept and take it as another terrible action film. Though Hrudaya Kaleyam is a parody, Sai Rajesh has gone over board in few scenes, especially in the climax.


Hrudaya Kaleyam is a decent parody on logicless action films of Telugu Cinema. Sampoornesh Babu has carried it successfully on his shoulders. This film is a perfect launch for him to rise like Tamil Power Star Sreenivasan. Sai Rajesh’s gutsy experiement is paid off well. Due to its low budget, Hrudaya Kaleyam is already a commercial success. Go and watch it for Sampoornesh Babu.



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