Hot lady wants to become Aiswarya Rai?


Alia Bhatt New Photos (15)One might wonder to know who has that wish to become one and only beautiful Aiswarya Rai? Why not? There are some lacs of girls who always wish to look as beautiful as Aiswarya Rai, provided they get a chance. And many other heroines of Bollywood or Tollywood are also not an exception for that. From a cute kid to grown-up sexy lady, ravishing Ali Bhatt is now the busiest heroine in Bollywood with many flicks in her kitty. Recently she shared her thoughts and future plans with a leading magazine only to reveal that she wants to become the next Aishwarya Rai in India.

‘At any local hair salon or beauty parlour, you see Aishwarya’s posters pasted on walls. They are not like to bring beauty to the place, but people feel that they will visit that place to see Aish’s beauty. I want to take that place. After few years, my posters should be pasted the same way’, said Alia, talking about her ambitions.

Many say that Alia is undoubtedly ravishing and beautiful, but she is not having that charm to become another Aish anytime.Well, we can’t say how future shapes up like the way Kareena became a superstar after 10 years of her debut, maybe Alia Bhatt would also do the same. Anywyas, let us all wish this tiny beauty hot chick all the very best.


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