Hot lady to get married soon?


colours-swathi-reddyShe was just and ordinary Swathi, till the show named “Colors” aired on Maa Tv long back. Since then, she became popular as Colors Swathi which has become her surname now. Every one refers this hot beauty as Colors Swathi only. The same celebrity status also got her few projects in film industry and today she is working in Telugu and Tamil projects. Now according to rumors the bubbly is going to get married soon with a Chennai based celebrity.

It is heard that Swathi has met this person during her stay in Chennai working for a Tamil film and later on parents of both the sides were logged in to finalize the matrimonial alliance. The marriage may take place by end of this year; the same source added. After enjoying star host status in TV circles ,Colors swathi forayed into movies and acted in almost all south languages except Kannada. The recent ‘Swamy Rara’ kept her on the top priority by all small and medium budget film makers. Right now, Colors Swati is more focused on the Tamil industry than on the Telugu industry. Of course, it cannot be denied that she got a good break in the Tamil industry.

So are we losing yet another Telugu speaking girl from acting? Or we get to see this young girl even after her marriage? Time will decide that, let us wait till an official announcement comes from Swathi or from her family members.


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