Hot hot Maradalu Pilla

Kannada Hudigi Praneetha, who is making her debut with Em Pillo Em Pillado is all set to scorch the screens with her oozing sex appeal. She has no qualms over skin show and it is no wonder that the makers are using her as the trump card to get the buyers attention. Praneetha’s hot pictures are seen everywhere on the net and papers at the moment. She has bagged Siddharth’s film Bava even before her first film hit the screens, and this indicates that her magic has started working already. Way to go girl!

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5 Responses to Hot hot Maradalu Pilla

  1. najib says:

    you are looking sooooooooooooooooooo sweet

  2. Naresh says:

    Ur so cute and sexy

  3. Basha says:

    hai my sweety praneetha. i love love love love you

  4. spandana says:

    u r looking soooooooo sexy like meeeeeeeee