Hot couple’s intimate pics leaked


Nayantara---Simbu-hot-bedroom-photos-leaked-to-media--1663This is a real shocker to all Nayanatara and Simbhu ‘s fans, as few bedroom pics are leaked to media the other day. We all know that once upon a time , sexy siren Nayantara and hero Simbhu had a close bonding between them and they both have dated each other for a long time. And later the things have changed and there isn’t any hi-hello talk at least between these two stars. Recently, few images got leaked into the media which has Nayantara and Simbu in hot bedroom scenes.

This raised the levels of doubts among audience. Media persons started probing more into this aspect and finally they directly asked Nayantara about these leaked photos. Nayantara furiously replied that they are the photos of her upcoming film but not her personal photos. She stated that she is doing a flick with Simbu and these photos are from that venture.

She strongly stated that they are not at all in any relationship. She further clarified that Simbu is just a friend to her. This means that this pair may not get into relationship in near future. If something happens in between, we may expect Nayantara to fall in love with Simbu before the completion of this flick.


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