Most hopeless couple of Tollywood


Jeevitha-RajasekharThis is what the most of the people who know them say without any second thought. Because, despite being members of Bharatiya Janata Party, actors Jeevitha and her husband Rajasekhar have met TRS chief and Telangana’s chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao to highlight about the plight of Telugu film industry. Well, it is easy to understand about what they have spoken about.

Actor-hero Rajasekhar has reportedly highlighted the dominance of 3-4 big families that are controlling Telugu film industry. Also the couple spoke at large with KCR about plans to curb the upper hand of these families on Tollywood. But we are in awe if this couple reveals the names of those 4 Big Shots who are controlling with iron hand. Everyone is talking about the big four but no one is literally talking about what those big four are doing to Tollywood. Are those four responsible for the existence of many producers and star heroes in Tollywood at the moment?

If those big four and their business establishments are not there, undoubtedly Telugu industry suffers when it comes to post-production work and releasing a movie. Also if those four are threatened by KCR now, then Telugu industry will make its first step to shift to Vizag.

Mr and Mrs Rajasekhar..Do you really have one particular stand? What have you done to the film industry so far?What else you want to do? please answe


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