Homely girl Sneha in Trivikram’s film?


Sneha  (43)We have been listening to few rumors that says homely girl Sneha is pregnant and stuff. Of course, Sneha trashed all those rumors confirming that all those rumors are fake and not truth in it. And now the latest buzz in film nagar is that ,Sneha grabbed a big opportunity to feature in Trivikram Srinivas next flick, in which Allu Arjun is playing the main lead. Isn’t that interesting? Here is the news…read on.

“Yes, I have signed a Telugu film with Trivikram Srinivas .It is an awesome script and Trivikram sir is a very big filmmaker and I thought I shouldn’t miss it. All other details about the hero and other technical details will be announced by the makers.”Sneha said

This was really an interesting news for Allu Arjun fans.Just when people wrote this movie off the movie has been making lot of buzz!Earlier it was rumored that Nayan was considered for the role but trivikram picked Sneha finally.Makers want to keep her role under wraps for some more! Let us wait! All that said, will Sneha suit the likes of Bunny? We sense they don’t match too well on the screen.

What do you think guys?Would you ever dare to imagine both Allu Arjun and Sneha sharing the screen together? What’s happening Mr. Trivikram?


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