Heroine says Her Husband cheated


Heroine Neetu Agarwal who was arrested by AP police for her alleged connection with red sandalwood smugglers said her husband cheated her. She says she fell in love with him when he produced her film Prema Prayanam. She said “In the beginning, we were just colleagues. But as the shoot went on, we fell in love and decided to get married,” and added “When we met, he had told me that he was into real estate. I didn’t know anything about red sanders and smuggling,”

Revealing that her parents were against their marriage she said “I had given him my ATM card when he had asked for it. I don’t know anything about money transactions,”

Neetu on her other films said “You will get the details on the Internet,” She says “At present I am in depression and I need some rest. I definitely want to continue acting. I have talent and I am confident that I will get offers in films,”


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