He heard 85 stories in 3 months it seems


Nani1Every hero goes through some rough patches of life. Young and talented hero Nani is one who is going through a lean phase of life with series of flops. Hence, he has become more cautious in selecting the subjects for his upcoming projects. Nani preparing to wrap up failure stories and stepping forward to achieve success once again. Nani confirmed his three latest project details.

Talking to media Nani shared his opinion on the recent long gap in his career. He disclosed that he was waiting for the release of his past movies which he was completed in last two years. Due to this reason only he took much gap in accepting new projects. He also said ”There were many reasons for the failures of Paisa and Aha Kalyanam. Many people delivered bad comments on me. But I never gave my attention to that. Now I have accepted 3 new projects after listening 85 stories in last three months”.

He is very choosy in selecting the new projects. Nani says he first priority is movie story and its compatibility with fans expectations. He also said he is very much interested to do movies under Mani Ratnam. Mani Ratnam movie Dalapathi, Roja and Anjali are the most favorite movies to Nani, which inspired him to wait for an opportunity with Mani Ratnam. Nani says to get an opportunity with Mani Ratnam he did Veppam movie. But he confirmed that Telugu will be his first priority


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