Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde Review

Gundejari gallantayyinde movie stills1
Star Cast : Nitin, Nitya Menon, Isha Talwar
Director : Vijay Kumar Konda
Producer : Nikitha Reddy, Vikram Gowd
Genre : Romance
Music : Anoop Rubens
Released on : April 19, 2013.

Keep your hearts saved up guys to fall in love with a love story which has released today. Guess which movie?? Okay I will give you some one clue. This pair has acted in a movie together last year which was a super hit. Now you got it?? Guys, if you got the movie then it’s great if you people didn’t get then people read on to know the movie because I am telling te movie’s name. It is none other than ‘Ishq’.This movie did very well at box office last year and the chemistry between Nitin and Nitya Menon was so successful that this pair  acted in this movie too. Maybe atleast now you got the name of the film?? ‘Gunde Jaari Gallenthayyinde’. This film has released today all over the world to creat another ‘Ishq’. So, lets know some the basic story of the movie.

Karthik(Nitin) is a independent guy who lives life on his own terms. He falls in love as soon as he sees her with Sruthi(Isha Talwar) when he goes to his friend Pandu’s (Ali) marriage. Some how he gets her number. But the twist the number he gets a wrong number and he is unaware of this. He calls the wrong number whose name is Shravani(Nitya Menon). Shravani is the daughter of a rich dad. Eventually these both fall in love with each other without seeing each other. But both are unaware of the fact that they fell in love with wrong  persons.
Now I am ending it here because if I tell the whole story then why will you go to theaters and watch? I know you peopl won’t that’s why I am stopping. Even I have brains you see.
Guys, remember I didn’t tell the whole story. If you want to know what will happen next when they come to know about the truth, you have to watch the movie. And by the way to see our tennis star Jwala Gutta onscreen you have to watch the movie.

Nitin’s hard work paid off. He gave his 100%. It is actually very difficult to give justification to Pawan Kalyan’s songs. But Nitin has worked very hard and didn’t let Pawan’s name down. Nitin’s acting and dancing is very good. Over all you will enjoy his performance.
Coming to the heroines, Nitya Menon and Isha Talwar were perfect for their respective roles. They were perfect opposite  Nitin. The chemistry between Nitin and the both Heroines were very good. You see the movie you will understand what I am telling.

Positive and Negative are part and parcel of movies. So, as I told Positive things about the movie, now I will tell negative, actually not exactly neagtive, need to be better. The movie is little lengthy. The comedy was not that good.
Anyway leave the negativr thing aside because as I told you negative things can be ignored.

Another ‘Ishq’ with some twists and turns and also a new heroine.

Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde Review 3.43/5 (68.57%)

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