Is she so greedy for money?


Hansika-Motwani-with-motherBuxom beauty Hansika is one of the busiest heroines in Kollywood now. She has plenty of offers in hand. She easily earns around 80-90 lac per film. A girl who used to take hardly 10 lac as her remuneration per film, how did she reach the position where she demands in crores? Definitely it did not happen over night.There has been a lot of efforst that were put by her managers all these years. But she started ignoring all her managers and trying to manage everything on her own .But why?here is the reason..jsut check this out.

It came as a surprise, when actress Hansika’s press note claimed that she has no ‘business managers’ and only her mother Dr. Mona, would he handling her career. Because all through, her career from ‘Desamuduru’, the actress has relied on managers to handle her career in T-town and then in K-town and kept hiring people at her convenience.

She had managers like Giridhar, Baburao, Ajit, Anupama and Johnson,etc, who she hired with lot of respect and then showed the door, after getting plum offers since she doesn’t want to ‘partake’ 10% commission on the remuneration, to manager who got her projects. ‘Her mother was always there but Hansika preferred managers to get her plum offers opposite big stars for last 8 years but all of sudden, her disclosure came as a big surprise, just to pocket even the 10% commission, because if not for managers, who made her star from nowhere and bargained her remuneration from 10 lakhs to 90 lakhs in few years, but she has forgotten everything, just to save few lakhs for her produce, that’s unfair’ says a industry source.

Can a mother do all those works that a manager would do? It would be so interesting to see how can Mona manage to get big opportunities for her daughter.


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