"Gopala Gopala" shoot at a famous location


Gopala-Gopala-shooting-in-Historic-location-1909There are certain spots in Hyderabad,which are most favorite spots for most of the directors. Golconda forte,Zoo part, Tank bund, used to be the favorite locations for yesteryear’s directors.And now the trend has been changed, priorities have also been changed for the directors these days. Everyone is trying to explore different spots in twin cities. During the process,Osmania University’s college for Women is one such location ,which has become most favorite and convenient spot for many film makers these days.

Films like ‘Dookudu’ and ‘Nayak’ have been shot here. Usually, This place which has got historic importance is being used for scenes related to Courts, Colleges and Zamindar Families.
Currently, Multi-starrer flick ‘Gopala Gopala’ which will have a lot of court scenes has been filmed here as this structure has got the best court exterior.

Producer Suresh Babu says OU College For Women is one of those locations where less fee has been charged and the producer have to pay anywhere between Rs 25,000 to Rs 50,000 apart from completing necessary formalities. He declares this is the only building in the city to suit such court scenes and points out there is need for taking care of places with historical prominence.


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