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“Geethanjali”shooting is going on a rapid pace


Anjali Geethanjali MovieWe all know that Anjali, the Telugu girl who has surprised everyone having agreed to pair up with comedian Srinivas Reddy for a low budget comedy horror film that is being directed by a debutant name Raj Kiran. We learnt that the shooting of “Geethanjali” shooting is going on at a brisk pace and is said to be have completed about 80% of the shoot already.

“Geethanjali” is being produced by MVV Sathyanarayana under MVV Cinema banner and renowned writer Kona Venkat is presenting it. Talking about the film’s progress, Kona Venkat said, “Geethanjali will be a milestone in Anjali’s career and it will work wonders for her just like what Arundhati did to Anushka’s career. It’s a different horror comedy and it’ll have lots of comedy. We are planning to release the film in mid June.” Harshvardhan Rane is playing a cameo in the film and Sreenivas Reddy has an important role, apart from Brahmanandam, Dhanraj and few others. Sai Sreeram is the cinematographer.

“Geethanjali” is drawing the attention of everyone in the film industry that how good it stands after it is being named a old classical movie , Manirathnam’s magical “Geethanjali”. We will have to wait and see a month at least , whether this latest “Geethanjali” live up-to the old “Geethanjali’s standards in terms of making and taking .


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