"Geetha Arts" squeezing out young brains?


2upd4htBeing a reputed film production house,one can understand the desperation of producing profitable flicks one after the other. But ,is it fair enough to use young talents as slaves and squeezing their brains for nothing? Well, as per our reports ,it is learnt that noted production house “Geetha Arts” has been doing the same it seems. As per an insider talk, it is learnt that there are six teams that have been discussing six subjects from more than six months now it seems,but none of them have been finalized yet. It is heard that ,many aspiring directors are walking away out of this “creative hub” of mega family it seems.

Almost a bunch of aspiring directors, guys who have worked with bigwigs like Sukumar, Vinayak, Sreenu Vytla and Rajamouli, are spending time at Geetha Arts office, preparing various scripts and giving narrations to producer Bunny Vasu and hero Allu Sirish. With heroes like Sirish, Varun Tej and Saidharam waiting for right scripts to get their career into a happening track, Geetha Arts is trying to cook stuff as ‘huge’ as possible.

An aspiring director who has been travelling with this office from 6 months says, ‘Everyday we’re bouncing a new idea to be added to existing and approved story-line and they are suggesting changes. No one knows if our script rolls like a project one day, but whole time is being spent here’.

It would be interesting to know how would Geetha Arts would react to this?


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