Four stunning questions for Sridevi by KRR


15siima-awards12Evergreen beauty Sridevi was in Hyderabad last thursday,to participate in veteran director K. Raghavendra Rao’s program “Saundarya lahari” . No other heroine has those credits like Sridevi,who acted in not one or two but 24 films in Raghavendra Rao’s direction. So ,obviously they both share a very good bonding between them. Any guesses who shared the hot seat along with Sridevi in Saundaryalahari? An open admirer and hardcore fan of Sridevi,top director Ram Gopal Varma himself. This episode is expected to be telecast soon.

We heard that there are four interesting things that revolve around Sridevi and revealed by Sridevi which could stun us.

1) KRR’s trademark flower and fruit hitting at navel of heroines is one popular question on the show. What did Sridevi asked about it?

2) Sri stated in show that Raghavendra Rao is responsible for her marriage to Boney Kapoor in a way. Oh, how?

3) Ramu’s open admiration and devotion for Sridevi’s beauty is a known thing. So, what conversation they would have shared?

4) When Sri was acting as a child artist, Darsakendrudu used to work as associate director for those flicks. Did he felt that kid would be such a sexy starlet one day?

Not just one or two, but senior actress and former heroine Sridevi has done almost 24 flicks under ‘Darsakendrudu’ K Raghavendra Rao’s direction. As they seem to share such a wonderful bonding, many are expecting Sridevi to unwrap her heart of ‘Soundaryalahari’ talk show. Let’s look forward for the episode.


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