Why is he so fond of that style?


s-s-ThamanIf you make an experiment and that clicks, use it one or two times…if not four or five times.But how would one feel if you keep on using the same thing again and again? You must be wondering like what we are exactly discussing about…aren’t you? Well, this is about none other than the one and only S.S Thaman,one of the most busiest music directors of Tollywood. These days you can observe one very common thing in Thaman’s song where he tries to change the original voice of the singers with some plug ins and other sound mixing softwares. His new style was discussed highly,when his “Saarostarostaara….”song from “Businessman” became a sensational song of the year itself.

On the other side, Thaman has made it a habit of making the heroes of the movie sings their own song . In every album he scores, talented young composer Thaman definitely shows his signature in at least one song. Those songs stand the best and win brownie points for him. Sarostara in Businessman and Cinema Choopista Maava in Race Gurram are the best examples.

These days Thaman started introducing the heroes of his movies as lead vocalists too. He made Jr NTR croon for Rabhasa and Ravi Teja has done similar thing for Power. But problem is that, the Kick composer’s extra care about a voice using digital technology is literally killing the sweetness of a voice. For example in Power, the song Nautanki Nautanki is never sounding like a Ravi Teja’s as Thaman modified it to a robot like voice using his sound-mixing software.

Indeed, it spoiled the crooning efforts of Mass Raja, as none knows that it is their favorite hero’s voice until someone lets them know. Though Thaman proved the fact that anyone could sing, and their voice pitch and clarity could be modified with digital sound production equipment and setup, killing of a hero’s voice is highly unacceptable.


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