First day collections of "Manam"


ManamWho can ask anything better than this? “Manam” is creating waves in every theater that is released. “Manam” is really shaking the box office and is expected to beat all the records that have been registered so far . Owing to the excellent talk and reviews, there is lot of positivity around the film. However, Nagarjuna opted for low key release for the movie. So, the less number of theaters have affected the collections of the movie on day one. However the theaters count is being increased in many areas of the state from today. Manam had also put up a very good show in Tamil Nadu too. The film had taken a fantastic opening there. It has got Nagarjuna’s best ever opening = Rs 8.60 lakhs from 22 screens (limited shows) on May 23.

The film had amassed 2.23 Crore share on the first day of its release itself.

Here is the breakup of Manam First day collections:

Nizam – 91 Lakhs
Ceeded – 39 Lakhs
Uttarandhra – 22 Lakhs
East – 14 Lakhs
West – 15 Lakhs
Krishna – 17 Lakhs
Guntur – 18 Lakhs
Nellore – 7.5 Lakhs
Total AP Share – 2.23 Crore

That is the story for the first day. Keep watching this space for more updates .


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