That film satellite sold for 85 crores?


Aamir-Khan-s-PK16222OMG….would be the reaction whoever listens to this news..yes or no? Yes because, we haven’t seen any pic going for that price, especially in Tollywood. So you must have got an idea that this could have happened in Bollywood right? Of course, it is all about Aamir Khan starrer PK , which is creating sensation in Bollywood circles now.The first poster of the movie brings huge hype for the movie and the recently released posters also received huge applause. Mr. perfectionist is all ready to set the Box Office on fire this December with PK. Though, the release of the movie is long way and the trailer is yet to be released , its creating huge buzz in the trade circuits.

According to sources there is buzz that the film’s satellite rights have been sold at a huge sum of 85 crores. Many channels competed for bagging satellite rights and a reputed media house bagged the rights by paying this hefty amount. Unlike in Tollywood ,Satelite business will start after release of films in B town.But it was reversed in case of PK.Post Kick this is the second film to have sold its satellite rights before its release

PK is one of the most awaited movies of the year. It’s coming from the makers of 3 Idiots and Munna Bhai series so the expectations are skyrocketed.


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