A fan turned hero for Anjali


Anjali in saree photos (3)Who would get such big opportunity of acting beside a heroine whom one admires as a fan. Harshavardhan Rane, an young and upcoming actor of Tollywood has bagged that opportunity to act beside Anjali, whom he kept admiring her as a fan since her film “Journey” . Harshavardhan Rane is all set to romance Andhra Beauty Anjali in her upcoming film Geetanjali. The film is progressing at brisk pace. Harshavardhan sharing the details said “I’ve been a fan on Anjali since I saw her film, Journey. She is a great actress and working with her has been a great experience, I have small but fun role“ . Currently filmmakers are caning a song on Harshavardhan and Anjali in Chikmagalur. Harshavardhan earlier starred opposite Nayanatara in Anamika. Harshavardhan on his on screen romances said “Well, this year I’ve worked with seven heroines. I’m romancing three actresses in my upcoming film Maya. Besides, I did three cameos. So, I can’t complain about anything,“. On his association with Kona Venkat, the producer he said “Kona garu was the one who advised me to stay back in Hyderabad to pursue a career in Tollywood after my debut film Thakita Thakita released in 2007. And this movie has given me a chance to collaborate with him as well. Lucky Harshavardhan, how did you enjoy acting with your beloved heroine dear? You must be on cloud 9…aren’t you?


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