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“No more faction” says Balayya


Balakrishna New Movie Opening Photos (23)This would disappoint Nandamuri fans for sure as Balakrishna himself stated that he is no more interested in acting in any films those are based on faction and politics. Read the story.

The actor has decided to quit faction and political films going further. In a media interaction, the actor said, “I am a people’s representative now. I have some responsibility towards the society. So, I decided not to act in faction films and political films which may create unnecessary controversies”. However the actor also cleared that he is not going to quit films. “I will manage time between films and Politics. I am totally committed to the welfare of my constituency people. Going forward, I will do only those movies which impart fun and happiness to people”. He also made it clear that he is not longing for any posts and it is the final decision of Party’s high command to give him a ministry or not.

“I will not ask for a ministry. If given, I will take it up as a responsibility”, said the actor . So now Balayya being a public servant ,we cannot expect him in any powerpacked roles like Samarasimhareddy, Narasimhanayudu further.


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