"The End" of Manirathnam's multi-starrer


Mahesh Babu NagarjunaThis is really a very sad news for all Maniratnam’s and Nagarjun’s fans. We know that Maniratnam was planning a multistarrer film with Maheshbabu and Nagarjuna .But some how Mahesh walked away from the project, and there were no big news since then. No constructive updates were there regarding the project. There were many speculations that Mahesh has shown his disinterest to work with Maniratnam, as he lacked the importance in the subject. Ever since there were hardly any updates as Maniratnam or Nagarjuna not responded about the news.

After a while, an English daily reported that Nagarjuna and Mahesh opted out of the project due to their ‘reservations’ in the script and it claimed that both Mahesh and Nag were not happy with the script.

Reacting on these rumors, Nagarjuna quashed them and said, ‘Mani himself called off the project’. However, Nag didn’t extend the reasons for which Mani shelved the project. So for all those who were eager to see both Mahesh Babu and Nagarjuna together on the screen, it is a big disappointment.

Definitely, this is hard to digest that, we cannot get to watch Maniratnam’s direct Telugu film anytime soon. And of course, we can’t see Mahesh and Nagarjuna together on screen too


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