Is it a downfall for this young director?


MaruthiNeedless to say that raising up and falling down happens just overnight in the film industry. We have seen number of examples for it. Leaving artistes aside, here is a young director whyo shot to fame overnight with his very first film “Eerojullo”,”Busstop” who later caught the pulse of the youth and made some witty movies that filled with double meaning dialogues through out the film and a small message at the end of the film. Just some time ago, director Maruthi was hailed as the happening director for small budget movies in t-town, but now he is facing some adversity with stars and viewers too.

Maruthi seems to have lost his midas touch, with not-so-impressive showing of ‘Kotha Janta’ (which was most decent film from his direction), even his productions like ‘Romance’ and ‘Love U Bangaram’ sank without a trace.

Although, he drew attentions of stars like Venkatesh and Nitin, both of reportedly shelved their projects with Bus Stop director, so Maruthi is going through some tough times because, did he misplace his ‘magic wand’. Or its better for him to stick making small-budget movies with new actors and make a comeback or should move up ladder, with star- movies, he is caught in a dilemma it seems.

Should we consider it as downfall of this star director? Well, lets hope Maruthi bounce back and make some good films(which is too much to ask for or expect) to entertain the audience.


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