Director fires on Criticss


Praveen Sattaru 1Praveen Sattaru, Director of ‘Chandamama Kathalu’, which won best film award in Telugu at 62nd National Film awards, speaking to scribes said he did not do the film to get an award. He said he did it only to say story as it is and expected award only for cinematography.

He added that it is not easy to embed eight love stories in a film and narrate in 2 hours time and it will be possible only if screenplay is strong. The issues touched too are realistic and seen in everyday’s life. He said the same was shown in the film and jury liked it but unfortunately critics’ didnot like it.
When asked howcome the film got the award inspite of critics not liking it he questioned “One wonder whether the people who are reviewing Telugu films are really critics. Better they introspect what they are writing. Will they write review just because they have typing skills. With the advent of facebook and twitter everyone started criticising films. They are not giving opportunity for viewers to decide whether the film is bad or good for them”. He said Chandamamakadhalu didnot make him happy commercially as everyone only praised his film


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