Differences between and NTR and Puri?


Puri-NTR-211113(2)This seems to be a phase that leads to a little disappointment and tension for NTR fans. As per the latest buzz in film circles, it is learnt that there have been some creative differences that are popping up between Nandamuri young tiger NTR and ace director Puri Jagannadh. Yes,you are good enough to guess that all this is happening in regards their latest flick together ” Neno Rakam” . Despite of both been suffering from back to back flops,they got united after a debacle like “Adhrawala” after a decade,nothing seems to be going right at the moment due to some ego clashes. Here is the complete story..read on.

A birdie inside NTR’s camp has chirped that the star hero is unhappy with the way things are shaping up at Puri Jagan’s Cave. As this duo locked fists together for their reunion after debacle of Andhrawala, seems like the friction is igniting sparks of ego and keeping them at logger heads.

Both Tarak and Jagan are not at their best form of career when they joined hands for this latest flick. Tarak is having alternative flip-flops at box office with a Baadshah roaring loud and Ramayya Vastavayya biting the dust. Likewise Puri too faced the heat with series of flopbusters including Pawan’s Rambabu and Bunny’s Iddarammayilatho. His last venture Heart Attack is termed box-office hit but critics have ripped it apart. At this juncture, NTR is said to be laying conditions for Puri for every creative decision.

Already our director compromised on story front by accepting to direct an outsider script, writer Vakkantam Vamsi’s story, for the first time in his career. And now he is browbeaten regarding casting of starlets of his choice. NTR got bummed out when Puri called Madhurima as second heroine in this cop saga. Sparking tensions, our hero hasn’t joined the shoot yet, though Puri started filming scenes on comedians already. Stay tune for more details on this.


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