"I didn't marry her"says the young hero


siddharthWho doesn’t know that chocolate boy Siddardh and sexy siren Samantha are dating together these days?? It is an open fact as the hero Siddardh has himself admitted that he is dating Samantha some time ago. But since then, there have been many other rumors since then which left both Samantha and Siddardh in embarrassment on many occasions. Here is one of such rumors that,both have already tied the nuptials and also it is heard that our bubbly beauty’s dates and schedules are being managed by her father-in-law, aka Siddhu’s dad. Though there is suspense over this from Siddu-Sam’s side, finally our hero decided to speak up.

‘So many random rumors are surfacing about me and my family in these past few days. Used to bother me a lot, but I think I’ve become numb now. Have some respect’, says Siddharth, taking a straight dig at all the rumors. He tried to speak about some earlier rumors that claimed Siddu is the father of teenage children through his first marriage. ‘Similar lies written about me a decade ago led to people still believing I have teenage children. One irresponsible article goes a long way’, he quips. However, seeking a full stop to all the rumors indirectly Siddharth promised that he will let everything know once he settles down in life, pointing out that the 35 year old actor is struggling now.

But where is the clarity Siddu? Why don’t you directly condemn that you haven’t married are you aren’t in any relation with seductress Samantha. Still playing the hide and seek now. Then how will the rumors die down?

What if Samantha faces a real step son of teenage in real? Ah… such a weird thought isn’t it?


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