I didn’t go nude please trust me


Ice Cream Movie Trailer Launch (33)We have seen already that contoversial director Ram Gopal Varma gave a press release statint that his heroine Tejaswi went all nude for an intimate scene in the film “Ice Cream” a couple of days ago. Since then the news went viral online and looks like it has created enough head aches for this glamor doll Tejaswi. Here is the full story. Read on.

News of acting ‘nude’ on silver screen went viral across the media the other day, with director Ram Gopal Varma releasing a press note claiming that they have shot a full-nude body shot of heroine Tejaswi Madivada for the movie ‘Ice Cream’. In some unlikely events that followed, this actress now spilled the beans.

With Tejaswi’s nude-news flashing all over screens the other day, her friends and relatives have kept her phone busy the whole day. They have been asking her why she has done such a thing especially for RGV’s films that are continuously bombing these days. Under pressure, the actress revealed what exactly happened, hinting out that she doesn’t acted in a nude scene at all.

‘When that shot was filmed, I’m wearing a short and a tank top covering my modesty. But camera tricks are made to ensure that I’m nude. Once you watch the movie you’ll know it. But I haven’t acted fully nude’, is what Tejaswi said to her worried friends and relatives. Probably they breathed a sigh of relief after her explanation. We wonder what makes RGV to highlight this scene with a special note to media.

So that’s the matter guys. Let us not dig more into this and hurt Tejaswi’s feelings.


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