Dekh Tamasha Dekh Movie review


Movie:Dekh Tamasha Dekh
Cast: Satish Kaushik, Vinay Jain, Tanvi Azmi, Ganesh Yadav
Director: Feroz Abbas Khan

‘Dekh Tamasha Dekh’ is a humorous satire on the religious conflicts between Hindi and Muslim. Though, whatever shown in the movie is infact are facts, but the director has added satire throught the movie making it comedy too. The director not only managed to make the story interesting but also managed to tell a message and make people realise what they are doing.

The movie revolves around a dead body names Hamid, who intially was a Hindu but later converted into Muslim to marry the girl he loved who was a muslim. So, after his death, his body became so importatnt to both the communities. Why did his body become that important? That;s because people belonging to both the communites are fighitng on how to do the funeral, whether they have to do according to Hindu ritual or Muslim ritual. In the meanwhile, a cop (Vinay Jain) was appointed to solve this case. You have to watch the movie to know what happens next.

The director really put a lot of hard work for this movie. Though, the story was a serious story which is serious problem in the present society, the director has managed to show it in a satire but comedy way so that people will understand, This kind of cinema is rare to make in this scenario of the country where any scene in the movie though not intentional can be objected for various reasons. The whole movie is a message to all the people who belong to India. It doesnt discrimanate any religion but it is just showing the actual fact of the society.
Hmmm,Negative? Some scenes may hurt either of the religious sentiments. But mostly they were very carefully handled. The big disadvantage of the movie is not having big cast because most of the people come seeing the actors, unfortunately but not the story or how good the the movie can change the society.

Atleast once we must go to watch the movie. We will know the reality. Leave the serious part aside, it is even hilarious movie and you can sit and enjoy the movie. But it is a must watch movie.


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