Daughter asked dad to write a hot story


Alia-Bhatt-Photo-Shoot-for-Vogue-Magazine-Photos (2)How many girls would do so much dare and be bold enough to speak to their dads and ask to write some story that is filled with intimate scenes? Bollywood latest sensation Alia Bhatt does that. She has that courage. Alia Bhatt the latest kissing queen and singer of Bollywood is willing to act in more intimate films and also she asked her dad to write a script for her which should be completely filled with Romance and Hot scenes. Mahesh bhatt father of Alia also said yes to this hot wish of her daughter to make her happy.

“I want him to write a script for me. It should be an intense power-packed film,” Alia told media.“I wish to be directed by my father who has done tremendous good work for cinema. It is a dream. I have told him several times. But he doesn’t listen, he just does not want to direct a film, but he can write,” Alia said. “I know when he will write a script he will be actively involved in film-making process.She is directing a film but I am not going to be a part of it. There is no scope for me to be in it in terms of story or character,” Alia said. But she definitely wants to work with her mother. “We want to do a period film… we have a subject, we are looking at the right time to do it. The scriptis ready,” she added, without divulging any details.

We will have to wait and see that how good can Nahesh Bhatt cook the story for his daughter with all the ingredients that Aliya asked for. It is not so easy to write an erotic story for one’s own daughter. Tough time ahead for Mahesh Bhatt, says few B-town buffs.


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