Cute girl finds the biggest luck of her career


Nithya-menon2Every actor and actress do have a list of the directors with whom they would die to act in their direction at least once in their life times . To mention one big name like such directors, Maniratnam is one. Irrespective of his form,hit-flops statistics, every hero and heroine would love to work with this sensible director once in their life time.But not many get that big chance. But here is a girl who made it.

As per the latest buzz , Actress Nithya Menon has got a chance to work with Maniratnam.
They say that, she will be next seen under the direction of Mani Ratnam. News is making rounds that Mani Ratnam is planning to remake Mouna Ragam. Dulquar Salman who starred in the latest Malayalam blockbuster Bangalore days is set to play the lead in this film.

Nithya is currently busy with a project along side Sharwanand. Mani Ratnam took quite some time to finalize his next project. In between there were rumours that would be directing Nagarjuna and Mahesh Babu. But things did not work out and looks like Mani has given up on those projects. Lets hope this remake scores big at the box office.


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