Crazy hero’s extraordinary confidence


vishnu manchuWhat makes an actor gain his confidence? A hit? A super hit? or a blockbuster hit? No…. it just needs perfect job satisfaction.Actor-Producer Manchu Vishnu however claims that after starting film career as an extra in a handful of Hollywood films and later became a hero in Telugu movies, after doing 13 films in 11 years, his confidence has really doubled. But all his flicks till date are on one side, and his present accomplishment is on other side. Check this story.

‘If I have to pick films that made me proud as an actor, I’ll pick Rowdy and forthcoming release Anukshanam, though I’ve blockbusters with Dhee, Doosukelta and Pandavulu’, avers Vishnu, stressing the fact that Ram Gopal Varma extracted brilliant performance from him. ‘OK, Vishnu can act’, people will say now, he added further. ‘All these days I felt typecast as script writers crafted characters that suited by body language. But that actor in me always desired to challenge myself. It used to burn me until I met Ramu’, he says.

Ask him how he felt after delivering performance like a realistic IPS officer in RGV’s Anukshanam. ‘I can match up to any actor in the world, and that’s the confidence I’ve built up post Anukshanam’, he exudes. Made on a fraction of budget unlike his past flicks where there is 20-25 crores budget always, Anukshanam is distributed through online bidding and slated for Sep 2nd week release. ‘We’ll break even 80% of investment on day one itself’, Vishnu signed off.

Let us see, how good will RGV and Manchu Vishnu’s confidence pay off at the end of the day.


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