Count down started for"Patta Pagalu"s release


rajashekar-starring-pattapagalu-Rajasekhar, who has fallen under fading out artistes’s of Tollywood category long back , caught everyone’s attention again when he announced a project with RGV a couple of months back. “Pattapagalu” is the movie that is being shaped up in their combination, which is yet another horror flick made by RGV. Now the film is gearing up for release on June 6. Swathi Deekshith has played the role of Rajasekhar’s daughter. It’s been a long time since Rajasekhar tasted success at the box-office and he has pinned high hopes on Patta Pagalu. Moreover, RGV has done several good films in this genre in the past and it remains to be seen if he can continue the success streak.

In a recent interaction with the media, Rajasekhar recalled, “I met RGV, Puri Jagannadh and Tamil actor Vijay at a hotel in Hyderabad last year and during the conversation, RGV and me decided to work together. Initially, the script was centered around me, but later we changed it. The entire film revolves around this young girl who gets possessed by an evil spirit and how I try my best to make her normal again.”

The film’s post production is almost complete. Apart from this film, Rajasekhar will soon be seen in Gaddam Gang and Vandaki Vanda. Vandaki vanda happens to be the debut film of Rajasekhar’s elder daughter as heroine.


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