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Poonam Pandey skin showif it is sex bomb Sunny Leone who is raising temperatures of everyone on one side, it is another controversial model / actress Poonam Pandey who is making every heroine of B-town feel tensed with her bold skin show on the other side. At present,Poonam Pandey fever is now shaking entire Bollywood film industry. This beauty came up with a statement that she is going to work for her second project. It seems that she is aiming to give more to the audience in all the aspects compared to her first project “Nasha”.

It is known that Poonam Pandey gave feast to all the Bollywood audience with her debut venture “Nasha”. Now, this beauty is set to give double feast to the audience with the second project. She is determined to satisfy her fans expectations with the second flick. After “Nasha”, expectations on Poonam raised to the peak and she is now in the process of chasing them with the second flick.

If Poonam needs to cross the expectations which were formed after “Nasha”, she needs to go for complete nude shows in the second venture. “Will she go for it? Even if she goes, will censor board allow it?” turned out to be the point.

Imagine what would be the position of rest of the heroines, if at all these two bold and sexy ladies Poonam Pandey and Sunny Leone act together for any film? How would the glamour queens survive from the threat they impose on everyone with their sexy show on screen?


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