He completes 10 years in Tollywood


Manchu Manoj birthday celebs025We never even realize how fast time flies away ,isn’t it? Its been 10 years already since Manchu Manoj entered this showbiz field. Manoj is an energetic actor out of the young lot of actors in TFI,who always tries to experiment with his characters choosing different subjects all the time. Being a child artist, acting for Manoj was never a big task to do .

Manoj made his hero debut with the film Donga Dongadi in 2004. Though this film did not taste success, Manoj was recognized for his energetic performance. The initial phase of his career was also bound by some below average films, but it was Nenu Meeku Telusa which brought Manoj into the limelight. This unique film based on memory loss, was a game changer. Manoj’s look, performance and the way he handled the entire film was in for a huge praise.

Slowly but steadily, Manoj went on to grow from strength to strength and created his unique style. He laid special emphasis on his action image. and did some never seen before stunts in Telugu films. Later on with Bindaas, Manoj entered the star league in Tollywood. A highly down to earth nature by person, Manoj also brought back the trend of multistarrers in Tollywood, by accepting a key role in the Allu Arjun film Vedam.

Some of his super hit films include, Mr Nookayya, Potugadu and Pandavulu Pandavulu Tummeda. He is currently busy filming for his latest flick Curent Teega, alongside Rakul Preet. Let us all wish this talented hero all the very best for his future endeavors.


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