Clean chit for Chiranjeevi blood bank


ram-chararn-birthday-celebration-blood-donationFinally Megastar Chiranjeevi ‘s blood bank is news .We all konw that, earlier AP State government appointed a 6 member committee to probe into the activities and health measures at Chiranjeevi Blood Bank after few allegations were made by Dr.Rajasekhar and his wife Jeevitha, Allu Aravind himself called upon government to probe into their Blood Bank’s affairs.The commiittee submitted its report to health ministry and gave clean chit to Chiranjeevi Blood Bank. Now after many days the blood bank hits the headlines.Mega producer allu aravind and Mega Brother Nagababu launched the official facebook page on Megastar Chiranjeevi’s Eye and Blood Bank

“Dear Blood Brothers, I personally thank the group of Fans/Blood brothers who have approached our Blood Bank to launch our official Facebook Page. Let us start the new journey. All the Best,” tweeted by allu aravind while Nagababu tweeted, ” Dear Fans, Blood donors & Well wishers,It is nice to open our official Facebook page for our Eye & Blood Bank.

All of us can increase our services and interaction with this at a fast pace.Thank you All.” The link is below

Mega fans planning state wide blood donation camps on the eve of Megastar Birthday and according to sources Chiranjeevi along with all mega heroes participate in the blood donation camp.


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